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Techniques for Responsive Website Advertisements

Advertising is big money on the Internet. This is very clearly demonstrated by some of the most popular blogs such as Mashable, TechCrunch, Engadget, TorrentFreak, and others. But so many developers have not considered the possibilities of mobile advertising. More users are getting onto smartphones and accessing websites on a daily basis. There are methods for rendering these websites the…


Review of Popular Web Design Trends from 2012

The year 2012 has seen an immense burst of creative energy. Many web designers & developers will notice this energy is still carrying us over into the new year. But what have we seen come to fruition over these past 12 months? I want to use this article as a flashback over the year 2012 and review some exciting design…


The Dark Side of User Experience Design

User Experience Design became a huge trend in the Interactive Industry. Working as a UX designer, UX manager and finally creating UXPin – I soaked up the design field. Even so, this UX revolution came to me as a surprise. Time for UX Design “Design and marketing aren’t just as important as engineering: they are way more important” says Dave…


The Flat Design Aesthetic: A Discussion

A growing trend in web and UI design lately has been the use of “flat design” and it’s clearly a hot topic at the moment – full of lively discussion and plenty to learn about. I’ve always been drawn to minimalism, so flat design is an aesthetic that has inspired me, especially while working on the recent redesign of QuoteRobot,…


Analysis of 20 Bootstrapped Startup Landing Pages

If you ask any entrepreneur what the most important part of a website is. They will undoubtedly tell you that it is the landing page. It’s an often quoted fact that you, as a business are not really competing with anything but the back button. And I can say from a lot of personal business experience that this is true….


Key Elements for a Successful Mobile User Experience

Many graphics designers are moving towards the popular trend in mobile apps. You can design some incredible native applications and mobile web interfaces by working with well-deserved techniques. The best mobile experience should function as quickly and effortlessly as possible. In this article I want to introduce some important elements for any mobile design. You’ll have to consider many situations…


Basic Usability Ideas for Intuitive Design

I have always loved playing with different interfaces and determining what feels natural vs what feels awkward or difficult. Web designers do not always sit down to consider just how important the user experience can be. You want to provide the simplest path for new users to achieve one goal to the next. In this article I want to share…

A Quick Guide to Mobile App Usability Testing

The launch of the iPhone in 2007 ushered in a revolution in computing that placed apps at the center of the mobile experience. The ubiquity of Apple’s iTunes store, and the later entry of Google’s Android platform, served to kick start this ‘appconomy’ which has generated billions of dollars in revenue and fostered an entire ecosystem of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists,…